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areopagitou pedestrianization, athens


areopagitou pedestrianization, athensareopagitou pedestrianization, athensareopagitou pedestrianization, athens

The pedestrian zone was not studied as a simple passage from the Makrigianni to Theseus, with simply replacing the asphalt to a better material. On the contrary, stoppage spaces with sitting facilities were prefigures, in widenings that become in the carrefours with the vertical streets of Areopagitou, and in points with ravishing view. More specifically, in the triangular and downhill space by the entry of Herodio, the creation of big flat earthen and planted square was proposed, which would accomodate open-air events, with the, probably, best view, of Acropolis. Under the square, there was created parking space and WC. My proposal for extension of this underground space up to the courtyard of Herodio appearred bold and perhaps inapplicable, for archaeological reasons, from the members of team, so it was abandoned. It would have, however, the big advantage of service of Herodio for the transportation of sceneries and operation of the dressing-rooms. Also, the theatre's courtyard space, would have been unfettered, which today is limited from the above, which exists, and would have elected the monument better.

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