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All my projects are conditioned by basic principles of planning, which succinctly are :

1. Unification of interior and outdoors space with sun parlors, that occupy usually a whole side of the area. The space optically finishes beyond the sun parlor, in the end the outdoors area and thus appears bigger.

2. Creation of two- or even three-storied high communal spaces, with the private areas around, which are unified with the vertical element of staircase and refer to the internal courtyards, with the rooms around, as in traditional Greek architecture. The space becomes easily comprehensible and perceptible from the ground floor up to the terrace.

3. In combination with the above, care is taken for the right natural illumination, airing, shading and insulation of spaces.

4. Possibility of changes with mobile partitions and cabinets of the internal arrangement.

5. Accentuation and aesthetic confrontation of building's skeleton.

6. Absence of any unnecessary or decorative element.

7. Simple and not dandified way of manufacturing, within the capabilitiy frames of the constructor.

8. Study of each detail, long before the manufacturing begins.

9. Planning of space at the same time with the furnishing, that often constitutes the structural element of building.

10. Interest on the configuration and planting of outdoors space from the ground floor up to the terrace.

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